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Theme Demo Plugin

Theme Demo Plugin extensions allow you to:

  • Test shortcodes and VC templates
  • Use theme hooks to alter demo website looks, ie. layout urls
  • Use Unyson Backups hooks to auto generate theme demo contents
  • Create clean test site on demo page for unit testing
  • Provide build functions to recompile SCSS. Read more: Build


While Theme Demo Plugin is essential for demo page, you can also activate it on your local installation. Grab it from Theme Demo Plugin boilerplate repository.

Creating test site on the demo page

For QA purpuses and if you already have a demo page for your theme, you can easily create a test site on your demo page. It will have theme-check, unit test data and monster widget already installed.

  1. Go to wp-admin -> Demo Settings (see screenshot above)
  2. Check “Create test site”
  3. Press save
  4. After it finishes, you can click on “My Sites” and open new “bee automated tests” site
  5. The test site will be updated every time your demo page is updated.

Currently, you can test the site using preinstalled tools:

  • theme-check,
  • unit test data,
  • monster widget