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Rejects Procedure

You can assume even after thorough QA process your theme will be rejected by reviewers. It is necessary to fix all errors according to their instructions (even when they don’t make sense) and reupload the fixed theme.


You can find example reject reasons here: Reject Reasons

  1. Fix everything according to reviewers’ instructions
  2. Describe your fixes shortly and attach screenshots of fixes for each point
  3. Generate package
  4. Install the package on a clean WordPress site using wp-admin theme install feature
  5. Check if fixes work
  6. Check if demo website is still working properly
  7. Check if demo test site is displaying properly (see creating test site)
  8. Check everything else (Theme Check, code errors, general display etc.) on Check list
  9. Reupload


Every reject task is high priority and should be closed the same day it’s created.