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QA Notes

During the development process each task should be tested separately by you and assigned to QA person. Every time when single task is finished you need to move it to QA task list and assign to designated QA team member. When everything is working properly your task will be moved to “Resolved/Done” task list and left unnassigned. If something needs to be corrected or changed you will get your task back with the feedback info what needs to be done to consider the task as Done.

Once all components are done and tested it’s a high time to test everything one more time as all. Please note that it’s your responsibility to check that first and only after your internal testing you can ask the QA team for complex testing.

There are few things which you should pay attention to:

  • Responsive view - please make sure that you have checked all pages with mobile device emulator in your browser or with tools like Resizer
  • Compatibility with PSD project - please compare page by page, element by element compatibility of your work with original PSD design
  • Performance - run the Google PageSpeed Insights and implement all required optimization fixes
  • Demo Page Flow - make sure that all links, buttons, CTA and navigation items are adressed correctly and will direct user somewhere, where he will be able to take another action and go to another page or element. Don’t leave “#” as a link NOWHERE. Always add link to other subpage, section or element within the demo page. All buttons with “BUY NOW”, “GET THE THEME”, “PURCHASE THE THEME NOW” you need to add ‘Optimus Buy Link”, which looks like the following: ‘OPTIMUS-THEME-SLUG’ can be provided by Team Manager or Support.