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Coding Done

When the coding is done there are still few things that you need to take care of.

1. Demo

Except of generating theme package, which will be available for customers after purchase we need to prepare the Demo Pages. First, all demo sites should be created on a dedicated, clean, pinky/phinky. Once all elements, plugins, subpages, functionalities and content are there - we can start migration to the Live Site, which will be presented on ThemeForest. Once dev version of demo (on pinky/phinky) is ready and tested - you need to generate the demo content archive using Backup & Demo Content extension. The backup file will be then used for migration.

2. 1 Click Demo Import

Once production version of a demo, on a dedicated public URL is done (migration from dev server is finished) and tested it’s time to generate final backup file with demo content for customers. You need to use for this the same Backup & Demo Content extension as previously. Demo Backup file should be attached in theme package in a separate folder. Once demo backups are attached to theme package please verify the final size of the package. It should not be bigger than 100MB. If your package is bigger you will need to move 1 or more backups to external server instead of keeping it in theme package.

3. Documentation

Every item available on ThemeForest should contain a documentation. Documentation is prepared by Support Team based on information provided by you in finished tasks. Don’t be surprised if Support Team will ask you for more detailed info about some of the components. Every element and option should be described as accurately as possible, including screenshots, videos, etc. Make sure that all component tasks are closed at least 3 days before the Upload Day, because that’s the minimum time needed by support to create a documentation. It’s important to not change layout, labels or any options in admin panel from the moment when Support starts creating the documentation. Otherwise screenshots in documentation won’t be consistent with the admin panel visible for customers.

Documentation is available online - Support will provide you a link, but we need to also attached offline version of it. Usually it’s a PDF file, also provided by Support which needs to be attached in final package by you.

4. SPLASH page

When designing a splash page, remember to add the following JavaScript which hides Envato top bar:

// remove any externals iframes
try {
    if (top.location != location) {
        top.location.href = document.location.href;
} catch (e) {