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Promo Materials

All promo materials are prepared by graphic designer and designed by Art Director. But it is your responsibility to inform Art Director via new task on todo respectively earlier (one week before upload day) and provide him required information (list of features and functionalities and access to demo).

You will need at least the following materials and put them all inside themeforest folder in project:

  • Thumb - JPEG or PNG 80x80px Thumbnail named thumb_template.png and if there is a version number on your thumb like so:

then upload the file without this number like so:

  • Theme Preview - ZIP file of images (png/jpg) w/ optional text descriptions for display on the site,
  • 00_preview - it should be the first image in the above ZIP package, containg: Name, Main Features, and Preview of the theme
  • Promo Description - create a list with all features that comes to your mind when you think about your project, all supported/included plugins, etc. and assign it to Art Director; Sample Promo Description: Estato Description
  • Text Description - created in HTML and verified with envatitor full product description which will be visible on themeforest in items details. Example: here

(everything below the ‘Add to Favourites’ and ‘Add to Collection’ buttons)

  • Theme Image
  • Demo Import Image

Please create a separate task with promo materials list, sizes and required info (content for description, link to demo, etc.) and assign it to Art Director at least one week before the Upload day.

Sample list of images to include:

- demo content luxury flavor 1200 x 900 px
- demo content paradise flavor 1200 x 900 px
- theme preview image 590 x 300 px
- theme preview thumb 80 x 80 px
- site icon 512 x 512 px