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Visual Composer

Unyson shortcodes are automatically translated to Visual Composer shortcodes by Visual Composer extension.


Visual Composer extension has to be activated in wp-admin Unyson settings menu.

You can read about Visual Composer shortcode related settings at Visual Composer Integration



Should you need to modify an existing VC shortcode, this filter may be of help.

Here’s an example code which adds text option to existing ct_button and ct_icon shortcodes (in theme-plugin/extensions/visual-composer/hooks.php file) :


/** Visual composer related hooks, ie. add/modify VC shortcode options */

add_filter( '_filter_fw_visual_composer_extend_shortcodes', 'fw_ext_visual_composer_extend_shortcodes' );
function fw_ext_visual_composer_extend_shortcodes( $shortcodes_params ) {

    $shortcodes_params['ct_button'] = array(
            'my_title' => array(
                    'type'  => 'text',
                    'label' => esc_html__( 'Title', 'ct_theme' ),
                    'value' => 'My title',

    $shortcodes_params['ct_icon'] = array(
            'my_title' => array(
                    'type'  => 'text',
                    'label' => esc_html__( 'Title', 'ct_theme' ),
                    'value' => 'My title',

    return $shortcodes_params;


You can skip mapping for selected shortcodes so they won’t show up in VC Editor. This is helpful for hiding shortcodes you only use for widgets. Use fw_ext_visual_composer_map_skip_shortcodes filter for that. Example:

add_filter( 'fw_ext_visual_composer_map_skip_shortcodes', 'ct_bee_fw_filter_visual_composer_map_skip_shortcodes' );
function ct_bee_fw_filter_visual_composer_map_skip_shortcodes( $shortcodes ) {
        array_push( $shortcodes, 'ct_flickr', 'ct_twitter', 'ct_latest_news', 'ct_socials' );
        return $shortcodes;


You can filter every shortcode options before they are mapped to Visual Composer.


If you use css_editor type shortcode param in pair with shortcode type shortcode option, JS conflict may occur. Therefore, the default behaviour is to skip css_editor param inheritance. With this hook you can change that behaviour, though it is not recommended.

Native hooks

You may also use native Visual Composer hooks. Read more about them:

VC Grid Item Elements

The following grid item elements are available as part of Bumblebee

Post Taxonomy

This elements displays current post’s taxonomy terms. To add it to a grid item, go to Visual Composer -> Grid Builder and add a Post Taxonomy element. There, you will be able define taxonomy name and number of terms to display.