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Daily Project Flow

Each project is divided to weekly SPRINTS. Each SPRINT is a TASK LIST scheduled for the next week. There are also the following task lists:

  • SPRINT No. - next, numbered sprint(s); always start work from the current sprint (from the top of the list to bottom),
  • In Progress - Move your task to In Progress task while working on it,
  • Feedback - if you have any questions or comments, use the Feedback list and assign the task to the person who you expect the reply/information from,
  • QA - when development is done move the task to QA list and assing to QA or Team Leader,
  • Resolved - once QA and fixes are done PM or QA will move the task to Resolved list.

Completed - task will be marked as Completed by a Team Leader after verification.

Here’s a screenshot of a sample project task list:

If some tasks from SPRINT 1 are not finished at the end of the sprint they will be moved to SPRINT 2 by Team Leader at the end of the sprint (usually it’s Friday).