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Demo Plugin

Demo plugin is a set of dev tools which either help during development or change the way theme is displayed on the demo page (ie. production server), as well as provides automatic demo content export functionality.

Common use cases:

  • Test shortcodes and VC templates
  • Use theme hooks to alter demo website looks, ie. layout urls
  • Use Unyson Backups hooks to auto generate theme demo contents
  • Provide WP_CLI functions to recompile SCSS. Read more: Build


Basic structure can be downloaded here: Theme Demo Plugin boilerplate . After cloning, run composer update to get plugin core.


  │--class-fw-demo-plugin.php     # Demo functionality hooks
  │--class-fw-demo-content.php    # Demo content import/export related functionality
  │--class-fw-settings-form.php   # Demo plugin settings form settings in wp-admin
  │--wp-cli-functions.php         # Functions accessible to WP CLI