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Upload multiple files.

    'type'  => 'multi-upload',
    'value' => array(
            'attachment_id' => '9',
            'url' => '//'
        // if value is set in code, it is not considered and not used
        // because there is no sense to set hardcode attachment_id
    'attr'  => array( 'class' => 'custom-class', 'data-foo' => 'bar' ),
    'label' => __('Label', '{domain}'),
    'desc'  => __('Description', '{domain}'),
    'help'  => __('Help tip', '{domain}'),
     * If set to `true`, the option will allow to upload only images, and display a thumb of the selected one.
     * If set to `false`, the option will allow to upload any file from the media library.
    'images_only' => true,
     * An array with allowed files extensions what will filter the media library and the upload files.
    'files_ext' => array( 'doc', 'pdf', 'zip' ),
     * An array with extra mime types that is not in the default array with mime types from the javascript Plupload library.
     * The format is: array( '<mime-type>, <ext1> <ext2> <ext2>' ).
     * For example: you set rar format to filter, but the filter ignore it , than you must set
     * the array with the next structure array( '.rar, rar' ) and it will solve the problem.
    'extra_mime_types' => array( 'audio/x-aiff, aif aiff' )

Custom Events

fw:option-type:multi-upload:change - The value was changed.

fw:option-type:multi-upload:clear - The value is cleared (all the selected items are removed).

fw:option-type:multi-upload:remove - A thumb (selected item) is removed. Triggered only when images_only is set to true.