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Allows to add options from one shortcode inside another (by default into a separate tab). See description below for detailed usage.


This element belongs to Bumblebee Package.

$options = array(
    'my_related_shortcode' => //this name will be needed later inside view to render it's content
                    'type' => 'shortcode',
                    'shortcode' => 'shortcode_name',
                    'tab' => __('My Shortcode', '{domain}'),
                    'options' => array() //we can override any shortcode option by specifying options array('label'=>__("My new label",'ct_theme))


These type of shortcodes are called Related Shortcodes.

Above code will render a separate tab My Shortcode with all the options from shortcode_name. To easily render related shortcode, please use this snippet inside shortcode view:

<?php echo bee_shortcode_embed('my_related_shortcode', $atts, $tag, $content); ?>

Please note that $atts, $tag and $content are injected by BumbleBee automatically into the view. All you need to do is just adjust my_related_shortcode name which is taken from $options array.